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SEO BLOG POST: How much does alcohol rehab cost?

A comprehensive guide for my telehealth client, Ria Health, on the cost of alcohol use disorder (AUD) treatment.

Seo Blog Post: The Benefits of Massage for Relaxation

In this SEO blog post, I used in-depth research, copywriting, and strategic headlines to inform readers about the benefits of massage for relaxation.

SAMPLE email copy: Skincare Transparency

Sample email copy promoting a new skincare line focused on pure, clean ingredients.

Sample ux copy: health and fitness app

Personal project showcasing my thought process behind UX copywriting. The challenge was to rewrite the onboarding process for an app called “ActiveWell” in order to improve clarity and brand voice.

SAMPLE social media copy: nutrition brand

Sample social media content for a holistic nutrition brand.

Includes a five-slide carousal detailing the effects of nutrition on mental health. Scroll through each slide to read more.

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