Feeling Worn Out? Here Are 3 Workouts to Instantly Boost Your Energy

Using a workout to give yourself a boost of energy sounds ironic. Who in the world wants to work out when they’re already exhausted?   

But here’s the truth: Exercise is an incredible way to give yourself extra vitality for the day (and some feel-good brain chemicals while you’re at it.)

Here are three awesome workouts to boost your energy and get your endorphins flowing on those days when you’re feeling fatigued.

Try A Short Yoga Session

A yoga session usually consists of stretching, mindful breathing, and flowing movements. Any exercise will boost your blood flow and give you a refreshing boost of energy, but yoga is one of the best.

Why? Well, yoga is infused with the aspect of mindfulness (which has also been shown to come with a variety of mental health benefits.) And this means it has a unique advantage for those looking to boost their overall vitality. 

This study from the University of Waterloo found that yoga significantly boosted energy levels in study participants after just 25 minutes of practice—meaning it can be a remarkable choice when you’re sleepy and need a way to feel revitalized.

All in all, hitting the mat for a quick yoga session is an amazing way to give your body a healthy jolt of energy and some brain-boosting benefits.

Try a Light Jog

Running can be iffy for some of us, to say the least. You either love it or you hate it. But whatever your feelings are on running, it’s certainly got plenty of proven health benefits.

It may feel counterintuitive, but the truth is that running stimulates circulation and endorphins that can make you feel alert and refreshed.

In a small 2008 study, researchers explored how exercise can help with long-term drowsiness. They gathered 36 sedentary young adults struggling with persistent fatigue to try six weeks of low-to-moderate intensity exercise. Remarkably, the results showed that exercise had a significant impact on reducing fatigue. In other words, low-to-moderate exercise wakes you up—and it’s even more effective if you can make it a habit.

The researchers also discovered that low-intensity exercise came with the greatest boost in energy. So, when you head out to the sidewalk (or the treadmill) for your run, remember not to burn yourself out.

Medium-Intensity Interval Training (MIIT)

You’ve probably heard the word HIIT floating around the health and fitness space—but if you’re looking for an energy boost, medium-intensity interval training (MIIT) can be an excellent way to invigorate your body and brain.

This article by Harvard Health Publishing notes that exercise increases neurotransmitters in the brain that improve your energy levels, and that exercising three times per week is the best way to reap the rewards of your training.

The structure of MIIT is basically the same as HIIT, but the goal is to make it less demanding. This is because you are not supposed to work out as hard as you can. Instead, feel free to go as hard as “moderate” is for you.

An example of a medium-intensity workout could be:

  • 45 seconds of leg raises
  • 30 seconds of body weight lunges
  • 45 seconds of crunches
  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers

Three rounds of this with one-minute breaks in between and you’ll be feeling livened up in no time.

The Bottom Line

Exercise is an ironically useful way to invigorate your body and mind when you need a jolt of energy. The best workouts to try include yoga, running, and moderate-intensity interval training, but you can get moving in any way that feels good to you.

The chief thing to keep in mind is that low or moderate exercise will energize you, while extreme exercise might exhaust you. So, aim for a light workout the next time you could use an energy boost—the results may just surprise you.

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